Roll up, roll up, part three of Dan Cates epic “Lost in the Wilderness" Death summer tour blog is now ready for your eyes below, so get stuck in!

Part four coming your way tomorrow, stay tuned...

Death-tour-23 Search and you may find
Death-tour-25  Man over board!!!
Death-tour-26. This ditch has treated us well over the years. This year we took Killcity's leed and camped there
Death-tour-27.  Instant arsehole, just add alcohol Nah.. I'm glad you were there Matt
Death-tour-30  Rob Shaw and Jake Shunt holding it down for the team.
Death-tour-31. Rest assured that Timmy got naked and scared the living hell out of someone every day that we were away
Death-tour-32.  Spot check..
Death-tour-33.  This is how i get down
Death-tour-34. The crew got tubed a lot more than once on this trip