Dan Cates brings you the second round of snapshots from this summers Death Skateboards "Lost in the Wilderness" today, so have a scroll below and head on back tomorrow for more!

Death-tour-14.  Flow rider Mikey Patrick Jumped on the Death tour at the last minute and was so stoked that he got  a bit carried away at his first fullpipe
Death-tour-15 Death has a 3 block... and a Jake Shunt.
Death-tour-16 On a late night generator mission in the midlands Moggins and Timmy roll the dice to pass the time while else where the hammer gets put down.
Death-tour-17. 'Morning campers'
Death-tour-18. Moggins surveys the farmers fields that no one could see the night before at 2 a.m. when we pitched our tents.
Death-tour-19. The silent giant never complained once, no matter how much filming he had to do, or where he had to sleep
Death-tour-21. Matty Steak, one man Rock n Roll party, at large in the van. Jaeger bombs at 10 a