Intro - Jono

Words - Dan

Photos/Captions - Josh

Outro - Max

In that far off time before the weather was unremittingly bleak, Crust TV headed to Paris with a solid Brighton/Essex crew for the 'Yarris in Paris' tour, dodging what still turned out to be a solid barrage of precipitation to come through with a solid amount of evidence of their puddle avoidance missions through the streets of the French capital.

Press play below, then scroll down for Harrison Woolgar, Dan Fisher Eustance, Jordan Thackeray, Josh Wells, Max Freshney, Juan Renoux, Basile Colas, William Raison, Steven K and Alix Malnati captured by Josh Wells' camera.


Dan Fisher Eustance:

‘We’re going to Paris’ wasn’t a sentence I took seriously before we booked the tickets the next day. With only 6 day’s and a high chance of rain, we skated as hard as we could. Spending our downtime drinking tea and playing chess, our skate time was manic stacking clips and having fun with our new homies from République. We came back with a ton of footage! Special thanks to Crust TV and Sidewalk for making this happen! Peep the content below...


Harrison Woolgar - late shuv. Following up Fisher, Harrison jumped on the hype wagon and landed this one effortlessly. Keep an eye out for this young egg, he's got late shuv's on speed dial.


Max Freshney:

The homies killed it no matter what terrain. Smooth, crust, street or tranny, they all brought the heat! Special thanks to all the dons at République - with them in our arsenal, we managed to navigate through the hectic streets of Paris with ease. Cruising through the underground, hitting spot to spot, our 15 head squad kept the French locals on their toes.

Taking turns to sleep on the floor, having showers in the kitchen, functioning on roughly 5 hours sleep a night, we came back with about 9 tapes of footy!

Thank you again Sidewalk Magazine for the hookup, also a special thanks to Level Skateboard’s, 14:01, Drawing Boards and Lovenskate for the support.

Shout out to the homies that made it to the premiere! New Glazed x Crust TV Tee’s, now available at Glazed Coffee Shop, Brighton.


Stay Tuned..