Creature's Nor Smokes Holiday sees Kevin Baekkel and Milton Martinez head to Kevin's homeland of Norway to hit parks and street spots across the country, making the most of the Scandinavian summer. Featuring a number of friends alongside Baekkel and Martinez means that this one has a genuine 'skate holiday' rather than 'company promo' feel, which is quite refreshing to see from two fairly big names. The two are at the vanguard of Creature Skateboards' younger squad, both all terrain vehicles who are as comfortable on a massive transition as a massive handrail - check out Kevin Baekkel's Coffin Cuts (raw files from The Creature Video) or Milton Martinez's 2016 Converse clip for confirmation, or in fact any clip that either have been in since appearing on the skate media radar in the last few years.

They clearly didn't fancy a relaxing holiday and the above statement is confirmed, as even in chilling mode they manage to fit in padless vert sessions, rooftop riding and a respectable amount of stair set/handrail carcass tossing. Add in some miniramp, bowl and indoor park sessions and you have pretty much something for everyone.

Filmed and edited by DAF Noah.

For more from both skaters, you could definitely do worse than settling in for 2017's The Creature Video, which weighs in at a hefty one hour and seven minutes and features the entire Creature team consisting of Darren Navarrette, David Gravette, Willis Kimbel, Chris Russell, Al Partanen, Taylor Bingaman, Ryan Reyes, Sam Hitz, Peter Raffin, Jimmy Wilkins, Milton Martinez, Cory Juneau, John Gardner, Truman Hooker, Josh Rodriguez, Allysha Le and Kevin Baekkel. If your appetite for gnar is yet to be sated, then carry on with The Creature Tour Video which sees the crew hyping up the aforementioned video by hitting the road for eight weeks and skating anything and everything in their path - truly good shit!