To celebrate the reissue of Jovontae Turner's "Tae Turner" Deck from Girl Skateboards, Girl and Memory Screen put together a remix of him demonstrating the very, very proper technique with which he could catch a 360 flip. All yo flippers should be rounded up and forced to watch this, on repeat, Clockwork Orange style. Press play for a lesson in style, then go and read his fairly recent interview over at The Chrome Ball Incident to see what he's been up to recently!

It opens up a number of perfect post-skate pub discussions, the ones of which I can think of off the top of my head I'll list below...

Best ever - Jovontae, Jason Lee, Josh Kalis, Brandon Westgate?

Best switch - BA?

Best UK tre flip - Carl Shipman, Scott Palmer, Tom Penny?

Has anyone ever done one on vert that didn't look awkward as fuck?