The first bits of footage from the CPH Open so far are starting to appear, with this edit from the Faelladparken bowl session courtesy of Garden Groove Films offering some Link Wray-scored gnarliness to brighten up your Friday morning (it didn't brighten up the Copenhagen skies though, by the time my plane got in we were into complete downpour). Enjoy shredding from Pedro Barros, Marlon Silva and more, and check out the results from the first day alongside a gallery courtesy of Anders Neuman-Ostberg.

Filmed and edited by Felipe Humphreys.

Bowl Qualifiers:

1st: Pedro Barros

2nd: Sam Beckett

3rd: Rune Glifberg

Street Qualifiers:

1st: Mads Christensen

2nd: Jost Arens

3rd: Maxim Habanec

Gabriel Fortunato, kickflip backtail at CPH Open
Ishod Wair, Frontside Boneless at CPH Open
Ishow Wair, backside air at CPH Open
Lizzie Armanto, forntside grind through the corner at CPH Open
Rune Glifberg, Over Vert Backside Tailslide at CPH Open
Rune Glifberg, over vert back smith at CPH Open
Sam Becket, Over Vert Frontside Grind at CPH Open
Sam Beckett backside lipslide at CPH Open