Myself and Silent Will spent the weekend at the second annual Copenhagen Pro contest in Denmark. Full edits from the event will be online soon, but for now, have a quick peep at some of our snaps in a blog format...

Footage already online:

Shier, Baines and Rattray - Street Qualifiers

Rattray - Street Finals

Will's a secret artist. Don't tell anyone.

For whatever reason, this advert is still highly amusing.

This was the view outside our hotels main entrance. Prozzies, crackers, street fights and pretty much anything else sketchy gravitated towards here.

First beverage of the trip...

The ridiculous course.

Koston - tight quarter carve, with stair grab assistance. Check me out, shooting Koston stills.

Baines waiting on some grim sausage variation after well expensive booze.

Shier, the morning after the night before. Still fresh, mind.

Cheeks with a G. and some friends.

Lucien at Stansted with his latest mode of transport.