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Copenhagen is now nine years deep into what has become world-renowned as one of the best events on the skateboarding calendar - five days of skate jams at surreal locations, (last year the oldest theme park in the world, this year CPH City Hall), some of the best parks and spots in the world, spending unhealthy amounts of time in Christiania and more free booze than most events could shake an x-ray of liver cirrhosis at.

With all this in mind there was no way I was missing out on the action, especially with the ragged crew of UK heads and worldwide visitors I already knew would be in attendance. The CPH Open might have marketed itself this year as 'The Champagne of Skateboarding', but for a solid amount of those in attendance, K Cider was definitely a more apt analogy...

Day 1 Chris Russell bs tail

I arrive to find my visions of heading straight to Faelladparken and witnessing a session of epic proportions dampened by a steady drizzle, which only thickens when I consider risking it anyway. I decide instead to head to Wonderland to get a session in before the crowds descend for the Eric Dressen Salad Bowl Jam. This proves to be a wise choice, because once everyone gives up on trying to dry concrete, the place starts to heave. While the likes of Chris Russell, Kevin Baekkel and an already pissed Daan Van Der Linden start figuring out the lines, I try to figure out where to actually stand and shoot anything of use for this piece. Thankfully a knight in vomit-soaked armour appears, in the form of a kid whiteying all over the top level of the bench. No-one else is willing to stand too close to the strangely compost-scented chunks, but I decide it's high time to suffer for my art and take up residence next to the grey-faced teenager.

Day 1 ginger nosegrind

Kevin is flying about at mach ten, Russell is destroying the over vert corner and a watermelon bong starts doing the rounds, finishing off more than one person's night good and early. Then locals Dannie Carlsen and Jonas 'Ginger' Bunger turn up and things really get going. Dannie makes the bowl's weird kinks and unexpected corners look ridiculously easy to skate, while Ginger's rabid style and ability to hit every corner of the park has the crowd nearly shouting the building down; Denis Lynn alone, powered by mushies and melon bong hits, is in danger of bursting the eardrums of those near him.

Day 1 Kevin baekkel nosepick

Once the smoke settles and Ginger has taken a well-deserved first place, we head outside. Sox is irritated that someone is irritated that he pissed on their feet, but otherwise we keep it fairly mellow as we consume wine and Christiania Carrots in the drizzle...

Day 1 ginger corner boneless
Day 1 Chris Russell fs grind
day 1 denis watermelon bong