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Colin Kennedy has been a part of the UK skate scene for decades, moving on from professional skateboarder for Blueprint during their peak years, to 'industry guy' in his current position at Nike. His dedication to skateboarding shines through in every piece of footage he has released over the years - with a solid body of sections in classic UK scene videos as well as every Blueprint release.

This dedication can also be seen in a willingness to skate the roughest of spots, something which you can bear witness to over the coming pages and a willingness which was undoubtedly forced upon Colin due to him growing up and learning to skate in Glasgow. Colin Kennedy is one of skateboarding's stalwarts and, with his new guest board for The National Skateboard Co out in shops now, we thought it was high time to re-live some of his output from over the years. The next few pages' worth of Footage Feast should give you some solid shred inspiration for the week ahead...

An early warning of the street attack which would follow, alongside a couple of park clips, all set to the Lovin' Spoonful in the first Blueprint/Panic release 'A Mixed Media'.

This also happened sometime around the 'A Mixed Media' era - Colin, Pritchard and John Cattle on a bizarre You Bet! challenge..."that's why we've gotta keep the old helmets on in the streets". If you are a younger reader, never underestimate how lucky you are not to have to cringe through Joe Pasquale trying to be down with the kids and squeaking "Shabba" for reasons only known to himself!

Playing Fields is a wide-ranging snapshot of UK skateboarding in the late 90s - alongside Colin it also features sections from Danny Wainwright, Alex Moul, Franklin Stephens, Mark Channer, Mat Fowler and Ben Rodriguez, as well as cameos from too many people to mention. His section brings together handrails, over-sized ledges and a strangely addictive beat in perfect harmony.

411VM's loss was Through the Eyes of the Ruby's gain in the case of Blueprint's 'Build and Destroy' promo (watch the clip from the beginning if this makes no sense to you). Classic UK hip hop and classic UK skating, proper pre-skate hype!

Basically a switch onslaught - on ledges, down stairs, over road gaps - whatever is put in front of him probably gets skated backwards.

Unless you've grown up under a UK skate scene shaped rock, you'll know just how good First Broadcast is. If not, put aside what you're doing and enjoy one of the finest videos to stem from these shores.

Kennedy shares a part with his then-Blueprint team mates Scott Palmer and Danny Brady, in then-Blueprint team mate Mark Baines' video 'Driving South'.

Another production you should put some time aside for, Alex Craig's H'min Bam is a solid encapsulation of how gnarly Scottish skateboarding is.

Crusty banks, flowing street lines, switch tricks down rails? Colin and Blueprint covered it in LAF...

The most recent full Colin section, as well as the last full video release from the legitimate Blueprint. Remind yourself of their legacy courtesy of our ode to the legendary company.

Dan Magee recently unearthed this to coincide with The National's Kennedy guest board release - watch, enjoy, hope that the board will result in some new footage!

Irn Bru - made from girders.

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