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Tuka Piziniztee picks up where he left off yesterday and continues to dissect some of the more talked about moments of skateboarding video history in 2013.

What will he make of 2014? You better stay tuned I guess...

Bob Burnquist's Backyard Progression – July 2013

So whilst the internet was still recovering from the inevitable disappointment that Benny and Brady's 'welcome to Palace' clip turned out to be little more than a pisstake PWBC news report, Bob Burnquist quietly entered stage left and proceeded to baffle grey matter with an unannounced and f*cking mental 7 minute full part filled with mega-ramp lunacy filmed entirely on location at his personal Dreamland TF.

Whether mega-ramp antics are usually your chosen cup of tea or not, even seasoned forum lurkers were having a hard time not admitting that Bob's latest offering was above and beyond Lex Nevel.

Most people wanted to know about the up and coming helicopter more than anything else - "pilot is off his head too" and "I hope the helicopter is on more than just a flow deal, needs to be hooked up properly" were two early forum sentiments, followed quickly by "Bit too extreme for me! Stunt-copters and base-jumping, no TA!". As far removed from the general populations experience of skateboarding as this was, the grumbles were few and far between, though the obviously chipper pondering of “How long until someone dies?" was obviously only just around the corner.

“Can't wait for X-games 2015: ‘And now for the Helicopter section!...’"

[part title="Trocadéro Days"]

Trocadéro Days – September 2013

Nuff mells, slappies, jump ramps and weirdness…Pontus accidently hit 88mph whilst tanking it down TBS and woke up in Paris, 1989.

Well, not really. What actually happened was Converse took Pontus Alv, Jerome Campbell and Harry Lintell to Paris in order to meet up with local Blobys representatives Kevin Rodrigues, Roman Gonzales, Vincent Touzery and Paul Grund, the crew gathered together some homemade kickers and bits of wood to assist wallrides and went on a proper late 80s inspired exploration of the French capital.

Pontus saw fit to expertly capture the whole session on Super8 and all who bore witness wanted to go skating. Or sit and talk about how much they wanted to go skating anyway. Cries of “Could barely watch the whole thing through because of the stoke fucking overload" “I’m going skating now" and Pontus=KING OF STOKE!!!" were commonplace upon the clips release, though some confused folk seemed more concerned on finding out where Pappalardo was hiding, or why he wasn’t in Paris with the crew getting street-grabbed over by Jerome. Never fear though, as YouTube user CaylanGee clearly has the answer – “WHo cares about pappalardo he doesnt skateanymore he build stuff with wood."

If you don’t know, now you know.

Or something like that.

And yes, Vincent, Kevin, Roman and UnderGrund are quite literally the shit. Keep an eye on this lot over the coming months…

[part title="Landscape X Joe Gavin X Krek"]

Landscape X Joe Gavin X Krek – September 2013

What’s that? Another year, another pisstake Joe Gavin section? Obviously.

Joe Gavin, arguably one of the UK’s most prolific professional skateboarders ever, threw down yet another sterling display of Northwestern street battery back in September, this time around to commemorate the release of his latest Landscape board which saw the brand team up with well respected Mancunion graffiti artist Krek. As you’ve come to expect when Joe partners up with his long time documentation partner in crime Sean ‘Nano’ Lomax, this is a four and a half minute, straight to the point display of technical brilliance. No frills, no unnecessary camera work, no shots of the subject emotionally gazing at ledges or trundling past a dead pigeon in the sewer, just Joe royally fucking shit up in and around the streets of his beloved hometown.

14k+ pairs of eyeballs globally watched on in sheer jealousy as Ninja Fingers skates spots you want to have access to with the style and trick bag you wish you possessed. Though his approach to avoid colliding with the contents of an overflowing skip clearly weren’t to everybodys liking – I really liked the line where he switch ollied the sofa, then gave two manly pushes and switched popped the flat bit of cardboard.Though for the one nitpicking complaint found in all of cyberspace, there were hundreds of responses along the lines ofdude kills it, and a lot of those spots were looking rooouuggghhh", he skates like danny brady on steroids" and “hell yeah, that was tight. some of the best uk rap i've heard as well" which is obviously extended props to West Yorkshire’s native Alcoholic Author, the mighty Jehst, whose track ‘England’ was used on the edit.

Controversy? Apart from the cardboard switch ollie - nil.

[part title="Nyjah Huston ‘Fade to Black’"]

Nyjah Huston ‘Fade to Black’ – Nov 2013

Ha, from Joe Gavin to Nyjah Huston…

It had to be done really, we couldn’t compile a list of videos based around amusing online commentary without including one of the sections that was expected to divide opinion the most in 2013, and generated no shortage of forum/YouTube comments in the process. Similar to Bob Burnquist’s Dreamland section, this genuinely was break out stuntman shit that the average human would have serious trouble relating to, but still, and surprisingly, most people seemingly ‘got it’. And kind of admitted to enjoying it as well.

In a day and age where Nyjah can earn a normal member of society’s salary in exchange for a couple of hours locked inside the Street League arena, there’s no real reason for him to be going out on a boundary pushing mission such as this where one miscalculated tumble could actually put an end to not only his skateboarding career, but his ability to do day to day stuff, like being able to walk to the bog. Well, I guess genuine credibility is one reason. Obviously Nyjah had visions of Thrasher’s ‘SOTY’ greatness firmly in his sights as well, and despite the 2013 trophy ultimately landing with Ishod, it will be reassuring for him to see that the YouTube faithful have still got his back with endless reams of “..but Nyjah just put out the greatest video part of all time…of ALL TIME!" style comments. One kid even goes as far as to say of Nyjah fuck spiderman, he is my hero now!" A result for Nyjah, I’m certain. Not too sure how he’s feeling about ‘those’ tattoos now the dust has settled mind…

You can always rely on the forums to spout some comedy gold when something as card carrying ballistic as this lands. Some gems of note included:

“For a guy who ‘isn't a true skateboarder,’ he skates pretty well."

“Looking at the last backlip though, you could really tell that he doesn't truly love skating."

“too bad its as ugly as it is gnarly"

“Pretty meh. No wallies or no comply's."

…but the overriding sentiment seemed to be along the lines of…

“ that was some fucking insane out of this world next level shit"

Love it or hate it, if you look passed that glaring neon green claw that manages to make its way into almost every single shot or his lucky bright red underwear that catch you off guard a good few times throughout, the bar certainly got raised.

[part title="Tom Knox ‘Eleventh Hour’ section"]

Tom Knox ‘Eleventh Hour’ section – Nov 2013.

“I've watched this part 5 times in 2 days. Nyjah's part just once."

Is it a coincidence that the same day the Nyjah part dropped, Kingpin had the official online release of Tom Knox’s section from Jake Harris’ excellent independent London centric VX project, the still on loop Eleventh Hour? Maybe so, though the proper launch of his part was almost scuppered a couple of days early when some anonymous YouTube bandit ripped the section from the DVD and plastered it around as many internet depositories as you could imagine like some over-eager yet morally confused self styled Robin Hood type character. You don’t ‘steal from the poor to give to...the masses’, that’s not how it works. Anyway, thankfully Kingpin shared this quick footed line focused jaw-dropper as the race for their Kingpin Readers’ European Skater Of The Year Award kicked into gear, and the release was pretty much hailed as the perfect antidote to Nyjah’s superhuman onslaught, racking up 69k views in the time since.

[part title="Gino Iannucci for Nike SB"]

Gino Iannucci for Nike SB – Dec 2013

“Gino footage. A Christmas miracle."

Yep, US based retailer Brick Harbor joined forces with Nike SB in order to bring you some proper festive cheer this year, in the form of a solid minutes worth of new/unseen Gino Iannucci footage. If, like some folks out there, you spent six minutes of your time in November staring at the Nyjah section repeating the age-old Slap mantra of “I’d rather watch Gino push" over and over inside your head, you probably leapt for joy at the sight of Gino hammering out at mashup of flawless hip flip trickery, and what would be classed on paper as ‘mosher skatepark tricks’, but with that timeless and nonchalant style of his. For the first time ever you might have had that inner urge to go down the park and learn fakie pivot halfcab pivot on the bank to block, backing it up with a backside nosepick on the same obstacle. If you couldn’t make it to the park, maybe you spent your Christmas morning powering down the local high street trying to master frontside shove-it no comply’s.

It was all a bit too much for one YouTube wordsmith though – a potato can make better tricks" apparently.

Not too sure about the hypnotic 30 seconds of pulsating ‘purchase Nike SB here’ text and Brick Harbor linkage tagged on at the end, but I guess if that’s what you have to click away from in order to enjoy a minute of new Gino footage every now and again then so be it. Just go at it with a “these are not the Dunks you are looking for…" mind set and you’ll be fine.

[part title="Mark Suciu – Habitat “Search the Horizon""]

Mark Suciu – Habitat “Search the Horizon" – Dec 2013

Fuck your ‘SOTY’ year race, Mark Suciu waits for all that nonsense to be over and then drops what’s undoubtedly one of the parts of the year. Or ‘of all time’ if you want to get all Yeezus about it.

We’re talking an actual game changer here, proper ‘in a league of his own’ shit.“suciu actually had 3 parts...“

“back noseblunt wasn't even his last trick"

“That million trick line he did at the municipal building in Philly that ended with the switch crook is one of the best lines I've ever seen."

Not only did Suciu stop the game in its unexpected tracks, he also came through with footage from all over the globe, including a healthy grip of clips from a recent visit to the Big Smoke, which was obviously noted by UK based skateboarding commentators:

“didn't think i could like sucui any more, then he goes and drops some croydon footage. good lad"

Internet banter also confirmed Genius Suciu Sr’s contribution to the modern age – the creation of Autofocus, though he never made any money from it.

“Sometimes when you’re so advanced, you don’t understand how advanced you are" Mark is quoted as saying when asked about his fathers invention in a recent interview.

Something you can relate to there Mark, surely?