Set for release in Spring, "Deja Vu" is a video project from Cliche that takes the best bits from their first four releases and places responsibility for editing in the hands of some of the most well respected names in the world of video making.


Ty Evans for Lucas Puig.

Roger Bagley for Joey Brezinski.

Greg Hunt for Ricardo Fonseca.

Mike Manzoori for Javier Mendizabal.

Dan Magee for Andrew Brophy.

Scuba Steve for Cale Nuske.

Dan Wolfe for Jeremie Daclin.

Ewan Bowman for Charles Collet.

RB Umali for JB Gillet.

The DVD is also set to include an uncut version of the "Gypsy Tour 2".

Anyway, peep the trailer below then join in the conversation on the Sidewalk Forum