The final part of Chris Johnsons blog from the recent Death expedition to Madrid is online now and ready to be perused at your leisure.

See below for another two pages of blog snapshots, and keep an eye out for the photos and footage, which will no doubt be surfacing sooner rather than later.

The tourist trap.

The downloadable skate guide to Madrid proved to be gold.

Crew 1

Crew 2


Moggins represents Britain all over the globe!

Steak got punished for not using lip balm!

Moggins just killed a massive Hubba.

Continues over on page two - click below!

Cates went on a tour of the Spanish X-Files set...

Obviously a fan of the local architecture.

Steak took on the fashion world and won.

The local commuters were not stoked on us.

Object of desire...

The scene of the crime...Skating this condemned bowl nearly got us beaten up and arrested.

Cates celebrated being a free man.

Last night booze sessions...