Civicdaze is a scene video from Olly Howe and straight out of Plymouth, shining a light on some lesser-seen shredders and plenty of crusty, rarely touched spots. Check out Glen Brooks and Ash Dixon's parts here, then keep an eye out for more appearing over the next few weeks...

"Excuse me does not give you the right to VANDALIZE THE SEAT"...nothing like a pedestrian with too much free time and anger issues to brighten up an otherwise normal day's skating. This week's installment from Civicdaze sees Herbal Skateboards' Marc SA Carter powers through the screechings of an angry, confused woman to put together a killer section only enhanced by a facial hair homage to Tom Selleck;

Lucien Harris brings some smooth technical steezing to proceedings;

Plymouth OG Derek Beer hits the streets with a deep bag of tricks in the second to last part of the video;

Last section in the video goes to Herbal Skateboards rider Callum Lane - dropping hammers left, right and centre, regular and switch, this is gnarly!