Cirencester Skatepark-DSCF6195

Gaz from Decimal and the strong Cirencester scene campaigned long and hard to get a new park built in the Gloucestershire town. They were pleased to announce the opening of the facility built by Marc Churchill's Line Skateparks ( in the summer. Check out the photos within this gallery and get stoked on how much fun it looks to shred!

Photo's by Chris Johnson

Andy Coleman-Kickflip-Cirencester_21V8456

Andy Coleman Kickflipping on a picture-esque day.

Andy Coleman-Backside Smithgrind-Cirencester_21V8422

Andy Coleman backside Will Smithing

Andy Coleman-Nosegrind Pop In-Cirencester_21V8433

Andy Coleman nose grind pop, pop, pop musik.

Ed Russell-Frontside Flip-Cirencester_21V8448

Ed Russell frontside flipping for glory.

Scott Mcnab-Caper Flip-Cirencester

Scott McNab casper flipping for all y'all.

Scott Whittaker-Kickflip-Cirencester_21V8479

Scott Whittaker kickflipping high, igh, igh!

Cirencester Skatepark-DSCF6209

Bit more going on than your local Asda carpark.

Cirencester Skatepark-DSCF6207

More potential lines than Tony Montanna.

Cirencester Skatepark-DSCF6206

Most certainly a variety pack.

Cirencester Skatepark-DSCF6205

Every angle seems to be a winner

Cirencester Skatepark-DSCF6204

Tranny's to the left of me, tranny's to the right here I am...

Cirencester Skatepark-DSCF6201

"Smooth like ice, cold to the touch and it isn't very nice (TO THE TOUCH)"

Cirencester Skatepark-DSCF6200

Cirencester's got all dem curves.

Cirencester Skatepark-DSCF6199

Delectable mini ramp to provide entertainment whilst Alan Titchmarsh get's to work on that soil.

Cirencester Skatepark-DSCF6198

Who's got the drop in on that building?

Cirencester Skatepark-DSCF6196

The winners podium.

Cirencester Skatepark-DSCF6194

Bit of scenic BGP's, larvely.