The Chrome Ball Incident is back with another slice of skate history, this time with legendary World Industries filmer Socrates Leal - the man who captured more than one pivotal moment in the evolution of street skating over the course of his involvement with the Rodney and Rocco camp.

Socrates and Chops sit down to talk on subjects ranging far and wide, including the rollerblading filmer who worked for World, filming and editing Tim and Henry's Pack of Lies, missing Guy Mariano magic, the Menace full length video that nearly was, Kareem's mid line pager check, Cheese and Crackers and plenty more. This one is unashamedly for the skate nerds amongst us, so if that accusation can be aimed at you then hit the words or image below to read!

"One thing that I will say for Rocco: he always wanted to make something out of us dirtbag kids. He always saw our potential. Because if it wasn’t for World, I would’ve probably just worked at some warehouse my entire life."


For good measure, here's the Fabian Alomar lost part discussed in the interview. Released as part of the 'Free Fabes' campaign when he was locked down, it's a solid reminder of just how much steez was contained within those legs!

"Because by that point, we were following the Girl and Chocolate videos as well as Trilogy, we had to do it right. The stuff that we’d filmed over the last year or so was really good, but because we’d been filming for so long, a lot of the other footage was too old. That was a big problem. We had so much groundbreaking stuff of Pupecki and Fabian, but we’d been sitting on it for three years now. I was actually starting to see other people doing those same tricks now. Things Fabian had already done years before but nobody knew because the video still hadn’t come out yet. It was taking the punch out of the whole thing."