The Chrome Ball Incident's latest interview is with none other than long term (now former) Blind pro and Trilogy alumni Ronnie Creager. After starting out making appearances in early Foundation videos, Ronnie joined the Blind team just in time to have a part in both 20 Shot Sequence and the classic Blind, 101 and World Industries triple header 'Trilogy'. Him and Blind continued this relationship for nearly 20 years before he found himself let go recently and this is, I'm relatively sure, the first time he has discussed the parting of ways.

He also covers any number of unrelated subjects including accidental acid trips, turning pro for Foundation and then getting kicked off straight afterwards, getting on Blind, skating at the World Park, being stoked on benihanas, doing switch front tails on shrooms and plenty more, making this very much a worthwhile way to spend the next twenty minutes - get the teas on then click on the image below to be taken through!

"I’ll be honest, I actually think Benihanas are a pretty cool trick, especially if you do them the right way. I know they’re kind of illegal, like rollerblading or something. Razor scooters. That you’re supposed to stay away from them. But I always thought they were awesome whenever someone did it right, down something big.

I don’t know where the fingerflip came in. I was screwing around with the regular ones on the course that day when I got the idea to add that in and it worked out. They were fun to do so I started seeing what else I could come up with… varial flips, backside flips. I liked them but I don’t think people really knew what to think of them."

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And here's the Trilogy part because, well, why not?