"I was very fortunate to be one of 13 film makers selected by Jon Holland to contribute my own section to The Cinematographer Project. I loved the original TWS Cinematographer video so to be involved in this project was a big deal for me.

I wanted something to really showcase the levels of Australia's best skateboarders. Luckily, these guys are all my friends and they committed to putting in the hard work needed to get this done. This is still one the funnest projects I've ever worked.

Thanks everyone who helped me with this. " - Christopher Middlebrook.


Lewis Marnell

Jeremy Corea

Shane O'Neill

Tommy Fynn

Jake Duncombe

Alex Campbell

Nick Boserio

Dane Burman


Total Control

One More Tonight

Transworld - The Cinematographer Project - Christopher Middlebrook from Chris Middlebrook on Vimeo.