Fans of large pop and stylishly fast lines rejoice, this Christian Maalouf WKND Part sees him turning pro for WKND Skateboards with a raft of fresh footage, set to the dreamy country twang of Pete Molinari which acts in fitting juxtaposition to Christian's fast, loose and raw approach to spots. Already big fans of Christian through his output with WKND and State Footwear over the last couple of years, this edit definitely cements his place as someone who isn't afraid of flipping his board over anything in sight and anyone who can fakie flip over a picnic bench is definitely earning that seven ply signature!

WKND Skateboards have been steadily smashing it on the editing front since their inception back in 2014, offering up a strange blend of skateboarding and comedy which probably shouldn't work but somehow does. Browse a select portion of their back catalogue for confirmation of the above, as well as to genuinely make you want to go out and skate!

PS., spot the (presumably) accidental Scott Palmer homage..."I tried to be dope!"

Filmed and edited by Grant Yansura.

New WKND footage is always cause for celebration, so double up on this one with their latest promo Stories which features skateable percussion, curb sessions, recycling bins doing Mexican waves, no less than two Jonathan Richman* songs and the skateboarding talents of Alex Schmidt, Johan Stuckey, Jordan Taylor, Raymond Molinar, Trevor Thompson, Salomon Cardenas, Andrew Considine, Taylor Caruso and more from Christian Maloouf.

*Bought to you by the 'More Jonathan Richman in Skate Videos Society', something close to my heart and something which the world of skateboard video editors needs to listen to before we run amok on the streets like an Abominable Snowman in the Market...