Steve Caballero dons his wookie outfit as Vans present a Christian Hosoi vs Wookie battle of epic proportions in celebration of May the Fourth and the special edition Vans X Star Wars collection. Set in 1980 and with Chewbacca cheering him on from the crowd alongside Tony Alva, Steve Van Doren and more, this is a truncated Thrashin' as reimagined by George Lucas - which I'll bet you've never even thought about before, but will now be dreaming of watching for years to come. Hook and The Daggers as Darth Vader and his Stormtroopers alone would be brilliant, just imagine James Earl Jones exclaiming "That wild Indian picture happens to be stylin'!" or the Millennium Falcon accelerating to light speed to escape Imperial troops with the Circle Jerks' 'Wild in the Streets' playing in the background - basically, the possibilities are endless.

Apart from Alva and Van Doren there's a raft of cameos to spot - Steve Alba, John Lucero and Jeff Grosso are waiting at the top of the roll in for their runs and various other Vans-associated faces lurk in the background, making this one a BGP spotting skate geeks wet dream.

"To introduce the special edition Vans x Star Wars collection (shoes and apparel) launching June 2014, we went to the Vans Off the Wall Skatepark in Huntington Beach, CA to film a skate contest set in 1980. After legendary skateboarder Christian Hosoi finishes his run, a rookie wookie (played by another legend — Steve Caballero) rips the bowl and receives mixed scores from the judges. Tony Alva, Jeff Grosso and Vans surf team riders Leila Hurst and Alex Knost can be seen cheering in the crowd alongside Stormtroopers, Jawas and Chewbacca."