Chewy Cannon - switch backside nosegrind

Chewy Cannon has played a major part in UK street skating for the last ten years plus. Appearing in the early 2000s from out of the Great Yarmouth scene, it wasn't long before speedy street lines and an uncanny ability to skate switch saw him picked up by Blueprint as they were riding high from the now-legendary productions Waiting for the World and First Broadcast.

Moving to Palace when the Blueprint ship went down, as well as a long term spot on the adidas team and a number of sections repping the ends in Great Yarmouth scene productions meant that we had plenty to choose from with this week's Footage Feast - luckily its all banging, an ability to see a spot in anything (undoubtedly gained from a small town upbringing) coupled with 'hyperactive legs' steez makes for a collection of clips that will make you want to go skate, and go skate as fast as possible at that.

Day in the City 2 saw fellow Great Yarmouth head Greg King teaming up with Chewy for a banging edit which somehow ended up out of sync on the final DVD. As such, you have the choice of watching it with slightly mistimed sound below at 40:26, or with no sound above...whichever way, the footage is still banging!

Before Capture Chewy Cannon & Si Holbrook from BeforeCapture on Vimeo.

Switch front boards down handrails, grass run ups and technical ledge tricks, as well as a Si Holbrook cameo, make up Chewy's section in Hoax's Before Capture.

The footage which got Chewy onto the Blueprint roster - handrail ripping, sketchy bank spots and some quintessentially small town bench set ups get seen to with style.

Chewy's section in Norwich scene video Structure, with cameos from Ben Bucklee and Greg King. "Welcome to the ghetto"...

You can definitely see the evolution of Chewy's skating in Blueprint's seminal 'Lost and Found', with his already fast skating upped to mach ten and taken to a wide variety of spots both famous and relatively untouched...

A return home for a part in Great Yarmouth scene video 'Rolling Like Kings' - the nosegrind at 0:56 is next level!

Kicking off with documented proof that the duelling banjos kid from Deliverance now rides a scooter, Chewy's section in adidas' Diagonal is then straight into a heady brew of switch pole jams, quick footed ledge tricks and crusty spots.

Skating done fast enough that it almost looks sped up and some G cameos, this section from Chris Allcock's Great Yarmouth scene video GY Borough is a hidden gem!

Little did we know at the time, but Make Friends with the Colour Blue would prove to be Blueprint's last full length video. There's no denying they went out with a bang and if you haven't had the pleasure of doing so you should watch the video in full, but for now here's Chewy's section of high speeds and hanging spots.

Morph's grimy editing is perfectly suited to Chewy's raw street skating; add in cameos from Neil Smith and Tuukka Korhonen and you're onto a winner...

Torsten Frank's entry to the Transworld Cinematographer Project saw him take to the streets with Chewy, dodging the rain to demolish a wide array of London's architecture.

Another London based clip for Transworld, this one from last year's 'Transmission'. Plenty of shit/rad bank spots, and lines which leave you impressed at the filmer for keeping up...YT's 'England Story' adding some legendary UK dancehall vibes as well!

Chewy and Benny Fairfax start out at the Undercroft then head out into the wider world, leaving a trail of spot destruction in their wake. If you've been to Waterloo then you'll know that the switch pole jam is no joke...