Chris Johnson and Dan Cates have just returned from a 12 day trip out to Atlanta and Florida to film, shoot photos and generally hang out with a recently relocated Dave Allen.

Being the 'on it' human that he is, Chris has shot a three part blog from their journey that we'll be posting up on the site in three parts, with the first part being what you're about to look at, and parts 2 and 3 coming early next week.

Enjoy - snaps and captions by CJ.

First night there was a sick sunset...

Atlanta is the home of Coke. You try and buy a Pepsi there - it don't go down too well! Daves wife is a Big Wig there...Hopefully the photo incentive will come through any day now.

Watch 'Mind Field' - somehow Grant Taylor ollied into this 'bank'.

Andy Howells Bank.

Rain stopped play continuously for three days.

After a day at the kid infested realms of Woodward we went out for some booze with Dave's skate crew, Dale and Will.

Wills wife sorted out free voddy and pipes at a local Hip Hop spot.

Cates got well stuck into the pipes whilst Dale and some Hip Hop Honeez hit the dance floor.

Oh, Cates had his hair cut.

One too many vodkas and Lil Wayne numbers...

Me and Dave ventured into a shanty town where we found the raddest fullpipe.

Daves local hangout.

I dunno Dan, it don't look like the 'on' button to me...

Dave is mates with all the local legends!

On a day long spot search through the ATL Uni campus, Cates visited his lab.

Me and Dan went out into the Downtown area most nights in search of street spots.

To be continued on Monday...