Ever wanted to stay at Bam Margera's 'Castle Bam' West Chester property? According to an article on the Philly Inquirer, you now can as the house is going up on Air BnB. With a swimming pool and indoor skatepark alongside five bedrooms, three bathrooms and 14 acres surrounding it according to a 2003 real estate listing we can't imagine it'll be cheap, but we're sure for that for some Bamagram-inked devotees the temptation will be too much to avoid.

According to the original article, Bam's mum April Margera said “People have been wanting to come to Bam’s house, so we decided we’d put it up. It looks great on film, but the wallpaper’s taken a hit, and it needed painting badly."


Bam Margera first appeared in the public eye in Toy Machine's legendary Jump Off A Building, quickly followed by a shared section with Kerry Getz and Mike Maldonado in Transworld's Feedback in which he demonstrated a deep connection with the quirky/gnarly lines offered by FDR DIY Skatepark. However it was the notorious CKY videos, basically precursors to Jackass, which really shot him to fame due to a penchant for putting himself in dangerous situations - something which comes as no surprise to those who watched him mosh off an art installation to kick off his Toy Machine part.

The following years have been fairly comprehensively covered in recent times, from rock star lifestyle to rehab to a return to skating, so you can go watch his episode of The Nine Club for a more comprehensive insight into his life. Meanwhile, keep your eyes peeled on Air BnB and imagine inviting someone back to your place after a night out and having them walk in to this...


As a postscript and for no real reason other than the fact I mentioned it earlier and Digging For Fire is one of the best Pixies songs, here's Bam, Kerry and Mike's shared part in Feedback;