Cafe Creme Blog present a collection of JB Gillet gems in 'SF Expresso', taken from the period when one of the steeziest Frenchmen to step on a board was spending time out in the States in the late 90s. From footplants off walls in hillbomb lines to Pier 7 technical smoothness, JB was on one during this time. VX, clothes and soundtrack all add up to a highly recommended dose of nostalgia, with a Keith Hufnagel cameo chucked in for good measure!

Footage filmed between 1996-2000 and taken from the following videos which you should do your best to hunt down;

Thrasher Raw

Thrasher Skate and Destroy

Transworld Transmission 7

Thrasher Roadkilll

Thrasher 911

Thrasher Donut Duty

Thrasher Hitting the streets


Pier 7 video

Thrasher Vidiot