The Bunt Live - Corey Duffel and Robbie Brockel

We've been slacking on our podcast posts a little recently so here a double whammy to get you back up to speed courtesy of The Bunt Live - Corey Duffel and Robbie Brockel episodes.

Robbie Brockel's was first, dropping last week with stories about growing in the shadow of his pro athlete brother, making massive spots look smaller than they are and life on the road for Real Skateboards. Corey Duffel's dropped yesterday and is an absolute treasure trove of Duffman trivia covering topics as diverse and getting beaten up by wrestling coaches, dissing Ed Templeton and regretting it for a decade and 'that slam' from the Foundation Skateboards That's Life video.

Corey also seems to be the only guest so far who can shut Cephas and Donovan up for a minute too, lisping his way through over a hour of skate-related anecdotes, career pitfalls and his currently beefed up status post-injury.

As always, The Bunt comes through with the funniest questions and as a result, get the most out of all their guests. Sit back, crack open a stubby or two and prepare for some more quality podcasting straight from Toronto.

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