The Bunt is back! Windsor James talks beef with Muska and urinary issues

The funniest podcast in all of skateboarding, (sorry Tim O'Connor but it's true) is back with the first full interview episode of Season 5. Cephas and Donovan ask the questions that nobody else will as always and have Colorado-born handrail nutter Windsor James discuss everything from riding for Mystery and then switching up to Zero, squashing beef with The Muska and taking five-minute long pisses.

So yeah, it's The Bunt Live and there's nothing else like it.

Jump in and spend an hour laughing your head off.

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And, if you missed the first episode of Season 5 - see below for the Morgan Smith and Wade Desarmo 'Roasted' episode where they discuss everything from Lucas Puig getting on Palace, through to Tiago Lemos' superhuman pop. all laced with traditional no-holds-barred Canadian saracasm.