stu-graham-carve grind horse

Above photo: Horsley

One of the most visceral feelings we get from skateboarding is momentum – whether from bombing a hill, hitting the corner of a bowl just right, or just a plain solid push, there’s not much to beat the sensation of absolutely hacking it. If you’re the skateboarding equivalent of Kate Moss however, it can be tough to go as fast as you want to; headwinds, puny calves and dipping energy levels caused by lack of nourishment can all be problematic. The more solid skater doesn’t have such troubles and seeing someone who looks like Giant Haystacks smashing their way around a bowl or through the streets never fails to make me want to skate faster. This one goes out to the powerful bastards, built like a brick shedhouse!

Jersey's best known purveyor of rugged skate architecture is an inspiration for all those who like to keep their skating afloat in a sea of cold ones. Switch innovator, saviour of monks, one of the first to hit Hubba Hideout switch and with an innate eye for a crusty spot, Gall is a machine when it comes to both skate and life hammers and both are demonstrated ably here.

Would the back smith at 25:05 look as angry coming from someone half that size? Probably not. The Paez brothers are OG Visalia, both are probably still holding it down, and seeing a 360 flip done by Richard looks way cooler than seeing it done by most other, smaller skaters.

A high speed tech warrior on what looks like a mini-board under his feet and is probably an 8.5 or some shit, in his own words 'like a straight bull on a skateboard'.

Scottish people seem to quite often be absolutely fucking mental on a board. It almost seems like the plot of a B movie, where some shifty types in suits are dumping toxic waste in the scenic lochs and glens north of the border and the run off is specifically targeting the evolution of the leg muscles required for speeding round bowls. Stu is no exception, charging transitions around the world like a fucking barbarian and taking slams that are as good as makes.

From top level 80s vert pro, to well documented downfall, to a return to absolute shredding and a spot on Anti Hero, Grosso has been around skateboarding for a long time and paid his dues. His current status as skate historian through the Love Letters have been sick, while added momentum is the only way to explain those rock n roll slides...

Looking like the living embodiment of Heavy Metal Parking Lot on a board, Matt Schlager first came to most peoples' notice via this sphincter clenchingly horrible slam, before a further online search caught everyone on to the fact that he actually skated and skated well at that.

ATV embodied! Andrew Allen can bomb the gnarliest hills, shred pool coping and do the techest of switch maneuvers whilst taking some of the best slams imaginable in the process. His inclusion in this list is also a good opportunity to get hyped again on the Destination Unknown!

The natural successor to Dave Allen, in that he has a style that makes every trick look like its going to break the coping...vert tank steez!

Ben Schroeder was an innovator of the technical lip combo, both on miniramp and vert. Many have followed this path, but few can make coping dancing look so gnarly and raw. Can't fuck with those flying eggplants either...

When young coping slabs are playing up, their parents tell them stories about Salba to scare them into behaving.