Below is the final round of snapshots from last weeks Irish mission for you all to enjoy!

Hopefully next week should see the start of our coverage from this years 'Ride With Us' tour, check back on Monday for more!

Lynskey and his snapped plank. Peep the sticker; Shimi Shimi Y'all!

Gav thought he could scare Leo by pretending to drive off in the car, sans license or insurance. He didn't get very far.

Conhuir contemplates...

...whilst Leo sweeps the run up.

100euros for winning a game of SKATE, 520euros from Red Bull. Flossing mad dollaz, son.

Denis was well stoked on his momento.

NOBs present to Morgan - an Irish snowdome.

Blogging NOB for Monkey Say. Don't let the 'pop goblin' anywhere near your board, trust me (or him).

Lynskeys hand luggage. What a combo, eh?

Denis and Leo locked in confrontation.

Bottle top inspired art, yo.

I guess it's goodbye from these two...

...and that there is Ireland!