Last week, myself and Leo ventured off to Dublin for a five day mission with Joe Lynskey and Aussie legend Morgan Campbell in tow, with a solid crew of the Irish yoot in tow each day.

From now until the weekend, I'll be dumping the contents of my phones photo gallery on the site for you all to enjoy.

The first part is waiting underneath this very writing, then check back tomorrow and Friday for more...

Avoiding Ryan Airs ridiculous additional taxes by turning two pieces of luggage into one.

Sir Gavin of Coughlan and his terrible diet were in the house...

As was Lynskey.

Even Bingo was there! Where were you?

Morgan Campbell faced with a fortune teller, after writing a caption for a photo that involved a fortune teller, taken on a tour he wasn't even involved with! Does that make sense? No? Be right...

Nine sugars in his coffee. I'm not even kidding.

Morgan should have been writing the next issue of Monkey Say, but instead he watched Keith knack himself on a rail.

Promising polaroid performance.

End of session pack down.

Morgan with Lynskeys snapped log.

Lynskeys board snapped itself in favour of been focussed by Leo. True story.

Snapped board, stigmata, hammered back. Lynskey got worked.