BS With TG: Joe Brook Part 2

BS With TG continues delving into the brain matter of Joe Brook with Part 2 of the interview which kicks off the new series (enjoy part one here for further tales of skate photography, the story behind his van 'Big Blue', how he got into skating, meeting Greg Hunt, moving to San Francisco, putting his back out, starting out at Slap Magazine and more.)

For part two, Joe talks putting off Jake Phelps mid vert run, becoming the photo editor at Slap Magazine, starting to work for Thrasher and still being there all these years later and more. If you've paid any interest at all to skate magazines and particularly the photography within in the past 20 years, you're probably going to want to give this one a watch!

Filmed and edited by Jeremy McNamara

"For them it's hellride, for me it's nerdride. I'm hanging out, but I don't have the wizard staff."

Check out a more in depth interview with Joe Brooks via the below text, which will take you over to his feature in Street Canoe;

I always liked looking at magazines. National Geo, skate mags, etc. I never really took photos...I met Daniel Harold Sturt skating with Ocean Howell. He was pure genius! I didn’t really know too much about him, but I knew he shot a photo of Matt Hensley on the cowboy hat. That photo was burned into my brain forever. I asked him about photography and he said, “you see that corner, go sit over there." I was bummed, ha ha!...I went back to SF and hurt my back pretty bad at work. I got depressed because I couldn’t skate. My girlfriend told me to take a class at city college of SF. I did! I registered for Photo 101 and my roommate Dave Metty gave me a Ricoh KR5 35 mm camera. I took Sturt’s advice, thanks guys!