Thrasher offer up a collection of festive radness in the form of four new Bru-Ray edits - the Bru-Ray Xmas Cookies come in the form of a Floripa mission, assorted clips from Oakland's Lower Bob's DIY and Potrero and seven minutes of leftover footage from the recent Oski Lil Guben edit. It's P-Stone so you know these are worth a watch!

Floripa - Pedro Barros, Rowan Zorilla, Greyson Fletcher, Grant Taylor, Murilo Peres, Christian Hosoi.

Lower Bobs - Raney Beres, Raven Tershy, Sean Gutierrez, Grant Taylor.


Potrero - Andy Roy, Austin Kanfoush, Ishod Wair, Raney Beres, Frank Gerwer.