We're stoked this week to see the return of Klavs Laivenieks' Brokelads series to our screens, with Brokelads Episode 4 offering the usual mix of street furniture regulation through the streets and alleyways of London and Barcelona. Coming in at a hefty nine minutes in length, this one starts off with London and sees the crew hitting Southbank and Canada Water as well as venturing out to some of the crustier spots, hills and drain covers that the city's suburbs has to offer. A solid soundtrack makes things even better, with the centre piece given to the massively underrated Beastie Boys and Q-Tip collaboration Get It Together (I say massively underrated because they dropped it as a single but Q-Tip didn't feature in this angle, and even that version didn't get the hype it deserved).

Press play to enjoy some stylish street shredding from Saimon Oliveira, Cameron Allen-Snow, Yasuhiko Iida, Glen Fox, Edgars Berzins, Martins Horns, Klavs Laivenieks, Nelly Mayele, Pavel Berezuk, Lukas Kacevicius, Eduard Lotz, Filip Wojnowski and Loic Martinez before grabbing your board, heading out the door and getting some yourself...

Filmed and edited by Klavs Laivenieks.

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