Todays archived UK event coverage features the UK Championships held at Radlands back in 1999, taken from 411s 'Europe 99' VHS.

With shockers from Eric Koston, Mike Manzoori, Brian Anderson, Andrew Reynolds, Kareem, Sean Sheffey, Diego Buchieri and plenty more, watch the edit underneath now.

Tomorrow will see the first proper day of this years UKSA National Championships, so keep an eye on the site for footage as and when!

For the latest info on this years UKSA UK Championships, take a look at the forum thread, or head on over to the UKSA site!

Don't forget to enter our 'UKSA National Skateboard Championships' competition too, with prizes from Flip, Indy, Vans, Sidewalk, Relentless, Tech Deck and Skull Candy! Info here.