Bristol's ledge count just jumped up by one with the addition of a perfect new number located in the 'Bear Pit' courtesy of the hard work and commitment of the guys at Canvas. Skaters have always hung out in this space, in the centre of a roundabout but with its recent resurfacing, it has now become a 'proper spot'. The local powers that be saw this and decided to allocate some money towards building something specific to skate within the space. Thanks to Canvas skateparks and for very little cost, the skaters of Bristol now have a perfect bit of MACBA on their door step just in time for the good weather.

Since its arrival the space is now thriving, not only with skaters but more generally, as people seem to want to hang out there more. Every dry day there can be anywhere from 5 to 50 skaters there from mid day to mid night; they are respectful and thus this otherwise run down and sketchy location is now a rad place to hang out for everyone in the local community.

Bravo to everyone involved - watch the video below and then perhaps suggest something similar to your local authority.

Video by Daniel Higginson

Photos by Tom Sparey

Bear Pit Space Odyssey from DIY BRISTOL on Vimeo.