Nobody in the skateboarding archivist game puts in as much attention to detail and pure devotion that the mighty Bobshirt. We've long championed what they do as the ultimate 90's skate nerd's fountain of knowledge and their latest 2016 interview with Gino Iannucci is no exception to that rule.

Sit back, relax and listen to one of the most humble dudes out there ask one of the most influential street skaters of the last three decades all those questions that you wish you knew Gino well enough to ask yourself. Everything from filming for Snuff, to shooting the backside heelflip Gonz gap advert, to getting on Chocolate is covered.

22 minutes of skate history from one of the guys who made it.

Whilst you're there - visit the Bobshirt store and consider buying one of the signed Gravediggaz 101 prints as well, safe in the knowledge that all the proceeds will go directly to Deck Aid, a charity that raises money for children's charities across the globe.

Bobshirt rules...