Here's the last lot of photos from this years Blueprint pilgrimage to Mallorca. Stay tuned for more information on the Mpora/Blueprint webclips...

All I can think of when I look at this photo is Shier pondering "How come there's always one kid at a spot with more pop than everyone else? I don't mean 'I can ollie 2 boards, my mate can ollie 3' pop, I mean 'I can ollie 3 boards, my mate can ollie 8' pop."

Chez probably doesn't mind that he's not featured too heavily in any of the photo blogs from this years trip, so here's one last picture for all the Chez-lovers out there. Be thankful I didn't use Leos submission...

Random halfpipe. Potential fun factor - 8/10. Fun factor when wet - 1/10, just ask Nordbergs wrist.

Not sure what to say about this. It's Magee, he's standing on some grass, and if you look closely you can see Mike and Baines in the background. Should have just made another joke about stigmata...

Smithy + kitchen = Gordon Ramsey's worst kitchen nightmare in the flesh. Be afraid.

Fireside rice chowdown. Nice.

Every trip should have a Morph; he'll session literally any spot, film the f*ck out of it when the time comes, then get his session going again afterwards. Morph defines motivation. 100% beast.

Kinder anticipation.

Kinder realisation.

"A concrete park under a bridge? In Mallorca? Some sketchy home made deal, right?" "Nah mate, it's a proper legit one."

"...and it's goodnight from him..." etc etc.

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