More photos from the annual Blueprint pilgrimage to sunny Mallorca...

Sinatra is an interesting place, the drop they're all sitting on is far from small, too.

Leo straight after his phone conversation securing 12% of the worlds tuna.

Smithy readies himself for a jump, whilst everyone else watches.

Shiers attempt to camouflage himself wasn't the success he originally thought it would be.

The deep thoughts of Baines and Mike.

Rained out.

Mike is more gangsta than you.

It goes without saying that this place was fun, if not a little slippery.

Five euros well spent.

Magee decided to celebrate his 33rd birthday by bombing a double kinked hill on his filming board, resulting in a pretty serious case of stigmata. It's also worth mentioning that Jesus was 33 years old when he was crucified...

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