Blind Skateboards present their new video 'For Days', which sees Norfolk's finest Sam Beckett kicking things off with a barrage of transition bangers. Indy fastplant to fakie, padless on vert? Halfcab pivot backside roll in on crusty Spanish concrete? Getting tech in the oldest bowl in Spain? Sam has it covered. The Faelladparken ender undoubtedly deserves a few rewind moments as well, shit a brick...

This is followed (in no particular order) by TJ Rogers' ridiculous amount of board control, all terrain solidness from Jason Thurtle, the precision tech of Sewa Kroetkov and Morgan Smith, Kevin Romar hucking himself off of things with little thought for his knees and a truly ridiculous batch of tricks from Yuto Horigome to finish proceedings.

On the downside; Cody McEntire's yo flips haunt my nightmares. I saw him do one out of the corner of my eye as I peeled a satsuma and had to rewind it to watch it again...why? Some strange masochistic urge, the same that makes me try a trick for an hour, repeatedly slamming into concrete? I knew from the glimpse what his back leg was doing, I knew it would upset me, but I HAD to watch it again. I hate myself.

PS. - more of Sam's Spanish clips can be found in Free Skate Mag's POZO, which is well worth checking out if you haven't done so already.