Originally conceived after a drunken conversation between Dan Cates, Sam Ashley and Percy Dean, the Big Push began life as a cover-mounted DVD (remember those?) on the mighty Document magazine back in 2005.

Doco's Big Push featured a selection of UK (and later European) board brands hitting the motorway systems of the UK for a week-long road trip with the aim of crafting an edit that best represented the ethos of each brand.

Over the next four years Document's Big Push saw everyone from Blueprint to Heroin jump in the van creating havoc across the UK and keeping the eager eyes of the UK skateboarding public entertained in the halcyon days before omnipresent online video-hosting and high-speed Broadband killed the radio star.

After the sad demise of Document, Sidewalk picked up the baton and brought the Big Push back (with the blessing of its founders), starting in 2009.

The first Sidewalk Big Push came in a slightly different format with shoe brands replacing board brands and with the UK divided into six regions with each team being given the responsibility of exploring, and rinsing an area all to themselves.

The Big Push has been on 'creative hiatus' for the last two years but, fingers-crossed, will return in 2015 in all its glory.

For now here's a recap of the first of the Sidewalk Big Pushes for your weekend entertainment.

Featuring the UK Etnies team of the time - Conhuir Lynn, Dave Davies, Joe Gavin, Joe Lynskey, Caradog Emanuel, Sam Bosworth and Barney Page, along with invaluable logistic support, boozing skills and transcendental wisdom from Pete Turvey and Bob Sanderson.

Sit back, pour yourself a drink and enjoy 12 minutes of UK ripping all over the North West - pay close attention to the embryonic original version of Liverpool's New Bird DIY build.

If the selected areas weren't random enough on their own (Yorkshire and Teeside!?) then Nic Powley and James Gardner's distinctly unique approach to their first Big Push will undoubtedly leave you laughing and scratching your head in equal measure.

With a van filled with a brace of 2009 era Vans talent including Josh 'Manhead' Young, Chris Oliver, Ben Nordberg, Kris Vile and Ben Grove - 'Powley's Angels' went off message and into comedy territory from the outset.

Amusingly, this Big Push entry went on to be declared the winner due to a combination of laughter, the homage to 1970's TV show 'Charlie's Angels' and the sheer bloody-minded cheek of taking the piss and refusing to take anything seriously. Or perhaps it was down to Grove's £1000 bespoke suit complete with Union Jack lining...who knows?

Either way this is most definitely not your average skate clip so sit back and breathe in the piss-take...

Filmed and edited by Henry Edward-Woods and Neil Chester and featuring Karim Bakhtaoui, Danny Beall, Boots, Jin Shimizu, Shaun Witherup and special guest John Tanner - the adidas 2009 Big Push submission was a beautifully filmed and edited as it was understated. No gimmicks here just straight up banging skateboarding captured after 5 days traveling across The Midlands. We're still not entirely sure that Sheffield counts as The Midlands either but with an edit this good, who gives a toss?


Another banger here and a crew as diverse as any on this inaugural Sidewalk Big Push.

2009 era Nike SB riders Jerome Campbell and Mike Wright joined the likes of OG and still current team members Neil Smith, Tom Harrison, Korahn Gayle and Finland's Simo Makela for a mission around the South West of the UK taking in everywhere from Cardiff Bay to OG Bristol concrete. With Dan Magee behind the HVX and various comedy elements such as a mic'd up Korahn and Mike commenting on their own lines as they did them spliced in amongst the skating, this one still holds up today, a good 6 years after it was first made.

By the way, Korahn wasn't joking either - he really did fakie flip Lloyds second try. Jesus wept...

Also Neil Smith is on hand to give you all that extra edge you need when confronted with some bellend who wants to take a game of SKATE way too seriously courtesy of his run down of his top stinking flatland moves. STINKOS!

Shiner Dist were the wild card in the pack who stepped in at the last minute after DuFFs pulled out and basically disappeared for all intents and purposes leaving us one team short for our first Big Push. Jerome Loughram filled his white van up with the likes of Stu Graham, Ben Raemers, Rob Smith, Adam Howe, Jess Young and Carl Wilson and took to the North for a tranny-orientated (the concrete kind) edit covering a lot of miles and hitting Glasgow, Edinburgh, Livingston, Aberdeen, Dundee and more in their allotted 5 days. If you like concrete and stupidity then you'll love this.

And last up from 2009's Big Push we have the UK DC team edit with Dylan Hughes, Leo Smith, Sean Smith, Dave Snaddon, Keith Walsh and ultimate MK and UK OG Rob Selley along for the ride.

Lots of tech skating in this one with Milton Keynes marble getting a seeing to before the crew head off to London hitting up Stockwell, Mile End, Harlow, Meanwhile 2 and a bunch of London street spots before heading to Brighton via Crawley. Enjoy.

Filmed and edited by Ciaran O'Connor.