Behind The French Fred Scenes - Thibaud Fradin Part 2

Following on from his first Thibaud Fradin raw files in the first of the new series of Behind The French Fred Scenes, Fred Mortagne brings us part 2 of Thibaud's all or nothing, make or die approach to the skateable terrain of Europe. This one has all the massive hubba ledges of the previous part but is far from one dimensional, with plenty of tech manuals taken to awkward spots of both the uphill and downhill variety as well as some crusty Euro bank spot shredding chucked in for good measure.

Thibaud's skating would still stand up to scrutiny in today's skateboarding landscape, showing exactly why he was a part of Jeremie Daclin's Cliche Skateboards crew for such a long period of time. Press play below and recognise...

As with the original Thibaud Fradin BFFS, this offers up the perfect opportunity for us to get all teary eyed over Cliche Skateboards - it already seems like ages since the brand closed its doors for the last time nearly a year and a half ago, bringing to a close the journey which began from an office in Lyon in the late 90s and came to the public consciousness properly with 2000s Europa. The brand pioneered the idea of running a successful international board oufit without adhering to the previously held notion that a company had to move to California to succeed within the industry and undoubtedly paved the way for the likes of Palace and Polar. If you a) are too young to really remember what they did for European skateboarding or b) just need a further dose of banging skateboarding to brighten up your Monday, go check out our ode to the company then go on a ten euro a day skate trip and see where it gets you!