There's nothing quite like watching people carcass toss themselves down stairs, something which the Beans & Boards Winchester Halloween Jam edit offers up in spades. Add in Suicidal Tendencies (from their all too brief return to not being shit for 1999's 'Freedumb') and you've got a winning combination for an edit on your hands.The Winchester locals hurl themselves down the skatepark set, fuelled by All Hallows Eve themed confectionery and the glory of damaged knee cartilage

Halloween edits haven't been as thick on the ground as some years, but you if you're thirst for watching people in costumes ride around on planks of wood hasn't been sated then you can still check out our own coverage of Shiner's event, two different accounts of Stockwell's absolute carnage courtesy of Chris Williams and Dan Joyce and High Rollers' Dublin based event (although this last one contains minimal dressing up).