Alex Halford Crail air hastings

Above - Alex Hallford, crail air. Photo by Monkeyglove Matt

This year saw the first annual 'Beachy Shred' event hit first Brighton, then Hastings. This had been in the works for some time, with the organisers of both town's jams coming together to make something bigger, gnarlier and more certain to render those who came down incapable of skating for at least a week afterwards. Those who went to the Shoreham/Hastings weekenders a few years back will know what an endurance test it can be, especially in a corner of the country which seems to have a special relationship with such a big name rum distillery and a penchant for an afterparty...

Ewen Bower bastard the extension Level Jam

Ewen Bower - switch bastard plant the extension. Ph: Monkeyglove Matt

While it would be easy to let this write up sprawl, being the kind of weekend it was, I'll try to keep things brief and let your eyes instead be stoked out by a selection of photos from Monkeyglove Matt and Mark Richards. Concrete destruction, beachfront DIY spots, coping made from pebbles, skag caravans, ridiculous vert extensions, pink string vests, crackheads shouting 'planker wankers', promotional rum (which I unfortunately missed out on), shoulders dislocated in the product toss, lost skin and corroded livers - if you weren't there, you pretty much blew it.


Youngo - rock n roll. Photo: Monkeyglove Matt

While Hastings was a fairly chilled affair, Brighton's event was packed out so the street jam would take pages to explain. As it was it ran over time by quite along way and I had to run for a train before the results were announced or the bowl jam went down, but from social media it looks as if it was Kris Vile, Jordan Sharkey and Ewen Bower who came out on top - justifiably so given the ridiculous level of consistency all three displayed. I was in no such rush on Sunday, with Hastings seeing Ewen (once again) alongside Alex Hallford and James Moore getting themselves a fancy watch each as well as a share of the cash. Hastings youth George Legg also won some product due to a full weekend of absolutely charging, the future is in good hands...

DSC_1077 edit

Anyway, roll on next year and props to Matt Davey, Darren Dartnell, The Source Skateshop and the Level Skateshop alongside anyone else involved! Now enjoy the documented carnage...

James Moore front blunt the extension Level Jam

This guy was travelling through on a visit from Oz and definitely turned some heads. Front blunt, 4 foot of vert, no problem...

Photo: Monkeyglove Matt

Korrea Perez rock fakie level jam extension

Rock fakie, warm up to the feeble fakie during the Level's bowl jam after I'd had to leave to catch Serious Sam Barrett and the Pine Hill Haints tearing the roof off of a London pub. Skate folk forever!

Photo: Monkeyglove Matt

Phillipee Da Rosa lien tail the level extension

Lien tail, nothing's too gnarly when your legs are trained by The Rom.

Photo: Monkeyglove Matt

Taylor Jones back bone the extension Level Jam

Backside boneless, one bottle of red wine deep and with a gammy hand.

Photo: Monkeyglove Matt

DSC_0954 edit

Things moved onto Hastings the next morning - with hangovers, injury and the shite-awful train network which services the town making for a quieter turnout. Luckily there were still plenty of shredders both local and visiting. Kieran Brooks back tails on home turf.

Photo: Mark Richards

DSC_0978 edit

High-popped frontside air over the hip.

Photo: Mark Richards

DSC_1012 edit

Backside blunt.

Photo: Mark Richards

DSC_0988 edit

Nollie hardflip.

Photo: Mark Richards

DSC_1026 edit

Lofty frontside air transfer.

Photo: Mark Richards

DSC_1115 edit

Indy fastplant.

Photo: Mark Richards

Alex halford front rock slide hastings

Front rock slide, probably in the midst of a ten trick run.

Photo: Monkeyglove Matt

James Moore front lip over the love seat Hastings

Ollie over the love seat to front lip around half the deep end.

Photo: Monkeyglove Matt

Alex halford off the back of the cradle hastings

Wallride melon grab in, the same spot he backside bonelessed in off ten minutes before.

Photo: Monkeyglove Matt

Alex halford back side air hastings

Backside air over the love seat.

Photo: Mark Richards

Local Mikey front side air hastings jam

Frontside air over the love seat.

Photo: Monkeyglove Matt

Alex Halford front smith the sun ligh hasting extension

Tombstone to extension, gap to front smith.

Photo: Monkeyglove Matt

James Moore nose pull in from the extension hastings

Noseblunt rag-in.

Photo: Monkeyglove Matt

Alex Halford nose pick the extension hastings

Gap to nosegrind tailgrab.

Photo: Monkeyglove Matt