"£50 noseblunt lets go"

When I was asked to write this, I quickly realised that, thanks to copious amounts of Stella, and us somehow getting a licensed bar set up this year, that I would struggle to remember much of this year's Battle at the Black Country held at Stourbridge's amazing indoor skatepark Unit3Sixty.

So we'll see how this one goes.

We opened the doors and kicked things off with an under 16's jam that featured local rippers Joe Wood and Adam Cox, as well as more established yoot like Finley Kirby, who managed to make front blunt frontside flips look strangely stylish!

Straight from that we moved over to the main events. We split the street course into 3 sections: rails, driveway and vert wall (very Street League I know!). The rail section took a pasting with Jordan Sharkey quite literally doing switch heel front boards on demand, but it was Joe Hinson who took the money after dropping a barrage of tricks on the rails (ever thought of becoming a tight rope walker?).


After a bit of relaxation music from 'Sharkteeth Grinder' we got cracking on with section two. 'Mr Bigflipsandboobs' James Grindley smashed a bigspin flip to flat over the driveway (saw the big flip, saw no boobs), which was soon followed up by the Kris Vile show, who managed to get a switch bigspin heel, switch tre and back 3 to flat in about as long as it took me to go to grab a pint from the bar.


We celebrated Kris's driveway win by sampling the sensual sounds of 'Goblins', before moving onto the Vert Wall. The Welsh contingent got well and truly involved with Jake Collins smashing a frontside wallplant and going back into the ramp with no hands. But it was Manchester/Kidderminster local lad Cam Edwards who took this one with numerous death defying manoeuvres including a dungaree clad back boneless to fakie.


Headline act 'Golden Deathmask' touched the hearts of the locals with their soothing sounds, and we finished up in the massive 'goliath' bowl with all new pool coping extension session. For an unknown reason I struggle to remember this, but I do remember giving Jake Collins some product and Sam Pulley did his best to adhere to my constant request of a noseblunt on the extension. Sadly it wasn't to be this time, but he did bag himself £50 for his efforts. We crowned overall MVP of the day Kris Vile as King of the Black Country (a Brummie as the yam yam king...) and made our way to Wetherspoons.


If you’re gutted that "nothing happens" in your local area, then make a few phone calls, send a few emails and make something happen. If we can blag it then anyone can!


A massive thank you to Unit3Sixty, all the distro's that sent us endless amount of product and everyone who came. A big thanks to Wig Smith and Tom Gillespie who helped with pretty much everything!


Finally a massive get well soon to James Denning, who managed to slam and knock himself out and get taken home in an ambulance just 30 seconds into the day.

See you all at the next one!

James Brewer