Following on from yesterdays photographic installment, here are some more still images of Kris Vile, Joe Lynskey and Gav Coughlan in Barcelona!

Bezzin' mate...

Mouthful of bimbo. Literally.

Lynskey makes sure his shares in "Morley Textiles" are in check whilst away from home. Either that or he's looking at page 3.

Gav was over the moon about purchasing a bottle of Vat 69. Note sure why, it's not very sugary or made up of chicken...

Feel threatened? Leo asked for some gang signs to be thrown. This is what he got. Weak.

Chinese restaurant. Check Gavs plate, plain fried chicked and chips...


Lynskey still couldn't afford any geggs, so he made do with ice cream wrappers.

More chicken...

Second hostel room view. That was seriously the gnarliest alley I think I've walked down in Barca.

Still no geggs. Lens hood substitution.

Kris and Lynskey don their "Johnny Hats".

This was taken on the last day. Photo before breakfast? Easy. What's for breakfast then Gav? Ice Cream. 2 scoops.

Kris amidst "Mirror-art".