AVE HeapsChat Interview by Andrew Allen

Andrew Allen's mini interviews return with everyone's favourite skate spot warrior Mr Anthony Van Engelen AKA AVE to discuss skating in Los Angeles, music, dealing with traffic and the Golden era of LA school yards.

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Cover photo by Ben Colen


Noseblunt: Photo: Andrew Peters

What time would you consider the golden era of skateboarding in Los Angeles?

Oh that would have been like, ummm, early 90’s you know. I mean, from 90 till… hmm no… well throughout, till now. My golden era was like 90 to probably 96. I was living in Orange County at the time and you’d go to LA and it’d be like “we’re goin to Lockwood today" and there’d be like 35-40 people in the schoolyard and you’d see like Guy (Mariano) trying to film a line and it’d be the most crazy thing. Every time you went there you knew you were gonna see something you’ve never seen before. Just like going to the Courthouse, wherever, but I feel like spots like that don’t really exist anymore and that type of anticipation of like “Okay it’s Saturday and we’re gonna go there" and you don’t know what that fuck you’re gonna be in for, it’s not like that anymore. That was definitely my golden era of LA skateboarding, the early 90’s.