Antiz - Echoes From The Road

After posting up the video in four segments, Antiz Skateboards have rounded it off with an upload of their newest full length video 'Echoes From The Road' so you can overdose of continental gnarliness to your hearts content. We've already posted parts one and two, so if you scroll past the full shebang you can skip straight to parts three and four - which features skating just as raw as the first two parts - but to be honest, you're here now so you might as well just put the kettle on and enjoy just over half an hour of road trip inspiration. All terrain gets hit with no regard for acne pitted concrete, awkward run ups/run outs, vigilante pedestrians, glue sniffing locals and all the other obstacles to an easy life when out street skating - not to mention the cumulative exhaustion from extended skate tripping.

With the footage ably assembled by filmer and editor Ludovic Alemar, this is another solid addition to a long line of Antiz videos which seem to always achieve the desired result - which is making me want to go out and skate, even if the chances of me going out handrail hunting are somewhere way beyond miniscule.

Featuring Gabriel Engelke, Samuel Partaix, Remy Taveira, Peter Molec, Yeelen Moens, Robin Bolian, Mickael Germond, Pepe Tirelli, Quentin Boillon, Samu Karvonen, Roland Hirsch, Thanos Panou, Victor Pellegrin, Teemu Pirinen, Michel Mahringer, Uryann Raudet and Julien Bachelier.

Peep the Antiz tag on our site to witness more from the crew's seemingly eternal search for Chin across Europe and beyond, then go check out their Youtube channel for even more.

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