It's here! Anti Hero Skateboards & Six Stair 'The Body Corporate' OUT NOW in skate shops across the UK.

We've all been waiting for Anti Hero's first full-length video since 'Tent City' and it's finally here.

As tradition would dictate, the first UK premiere of The Body Corporate took place on hallowed ground, namely Liverpool's New Bird, and luckily for us one-time Document photographer and stalwart skateboard legend Stephen 'Kingy' King was on hand to shoot a few photos which he then sent on to us.


New Bird premiere. Photo: Kingy

We're off to watch The Body Corporate tonight at our local shop/park and we strongly suggest that you do something similar - hassle your shop or go buy your own copy and hold your own premiere as this will remind us all why we skateboard in the first place.


Heavy crew. Photo: Kingy

If you need more encouragement read these words direct from Julien Stranger himself:

"The Body Corporate. That wasn’t the original title we had in mind. We were pushing for “Reality Breakdown". But things changed along the way. The video itself came out a lot different than the video we thought we were making, and that’s not a bad thing. This is the video we came back from New Zealand with. It morphed from wanting to tell a story about skating being an act of defiance, a path away from the status quo & spoon fed commercialism & all that lazy stuff, to being the story of what drew these guys to skateboarding & why it sticks so strongly with some of us. In the end it still speaks to those other ideas, though not said out-loud. These guys poured their hearts into this thing & we couldn’t be more stoked on how it came out. We hope you dig it."


The brothers Cooke. Photo: Kingy


Charlie Birch, backside crailslide. Photo: Kingy


Russ Longmire. Photo: Kingy