Oh yes - what a treat! The first of several sections from Andy Evans' new video 'Just in Time' is here to brighten up your weekend. Brighton local Liam Teague isn't afraid to slam...really, really hard.

Even Tom Penny is down.

Can all time Osiris team rider Josh Kasper convince Liam Teague to accept his reluctant crown of "Slam man"? Peep the video to find out the answer to one of the most important skate questions of the last Millennium.

The rest of this nonsense can be seen on the retro format of DVD. Available free to good homes from Power Distribution so hassle your local shop skate shop and Nick will send them a stack via courier pidgin. Limited Edition Liam Teague board on Wight Trash available at finer skate emporiums imminently with DVD stuck with chewing gum to it.

Additionally you can buy yourself an exclusive Just in Time x Lovenskate shirt by clicking the image below.