Take a first look at the new Better Extreme Kidbrooke skatepark, courtesy of the Altar Skate Shop crew in this clip filmed and edited by Nathan Staples. During the middle of last year, Better Extreme decided to follow up on their original Barking-based skatepark with a second indoor shelter from the UK weather nestled on the outskirts of Greenwich.
In an area long visited by skateboarders for its bounty of hill bombs and tucked away South London estate street spots, the opening of this indoor park alongside the badly built but fun Charlton bowl offers up fresh opportunities for those who like to keep things a little more transition based. Not that Better Extreme Kidbrooke doesn't offer up plenty of opportunities to get technical - apart from the quarterpipe transfer and doorway lines which line one side of the skatepark and the smaller transitions across the opposing wall, the layout offers up a multitude of rails, ledges, stairs and flatbanks to hit from various angles.
Despite the park occupying a smaller expanse than its Barking brethren, the area within the park looks to have been used well and isn't too crowded, offering the potential for plenty of different lines to be taken judging by the clip you see below. Altar Skate Shop will also have a concession within the skatepark, similarly to Barking, so you'll have no problems with getting hold of fresh wood when you snap your board trying a switch pressure flip from the top of the big quarter to flat like the mosher you truly are. Press play then scroll further down for directions, the park opens today!
Featuring Hayden Bloomfield, Luke Sherlock, Harley Dean, Sam Coe and Husayn Smart.

The skatepark can be found in Sutcliffe Park Sports Centre, SE9 5LW. The nearest train station is pretty much a toss up between Kidbrooke and Lee depending on which direction you are coming in from and there are presumably multiple buses from the Greenwich area which stop near the park, so we can't imagine this one will be too much of a ball ache to reach if you reside in the South East of the city or further South towards Kent.