Adolescents Fastest Kid Alive

The Adolescents have been associated with skateboarding for a long time. Gnarly skateboarding and fast music go hand in hand and the anger which drives songs like 'Creatures' and 'No Way' is not far removed from the the feeling of the first touch of truck to pool coping after a particularly bad day. We have compiled some of our favourite sections where skateboarding and the band's music have been combined - overwhelmingly taken from their classic first album. Surprisingly the also brilliant second album Brats in Battalions hasn't seen much use by editors, so for those of you looking for an underused classic for that next section, you're welcome! In the meantime watch Anthony Van Engelen, Emmanuel Guzman, Dan Drehobl and more shred to some timeless slices of hardcore punk.

Suggestions are always welcome - as a late addition, here's Mike and Jason Schwartz's section in the classic Santa Cruz video Troops of Tomorrow. Utmost steez and Rip it Up!

Two obvious inductees of my imaginary 'skateboarding steez hall of fame' in the forms of Dan Drehobl and Phil Shao went on an all out attack in Emerica's 1997 video 'Yellow'. Drehobl cruising at speed down a (presumably SF) street as the opening chords and pounding drums of 'Kids of the Black Hole' kick in sends an immediate shot of adrenalin coursing through the brain.

Black Label's 2003 tour video 'Label Live' never seemed to get the attention it deserves, which is a shame as gnarly skating and a solid soundtrack of punk and garage rock make it a killer watch. Pat Rakestraw and Patrick Melcher (that's hat rather than 'tache era Melcher) absolutely smash it to the Adolescents 'LA Girl'.

Burnside, backyard pools, the best filmed layback air you're ever likely to see (seriously!) and the driving hardcore punk of 'Creatures'. Fucking rad.

Two Dressen clips appear in Santa Cruz's V-Day; one a compilation of old footage re-edited to 'Rip it Up', followed by a short section showing him still holding it down, at speed, on any terrain in front of him to 'No Way' (this second section kicks in at 19:00 on the video).

A road gap ollie to hill bomb manual, truly grim looking spots and wince-inducing slams mean that Hugo Liard was never going to skate to Belle and Sebastian, MGMT or some similar nonsense. Two song split, metal then punk in the form of 'No Way', job done.

Emmanuel Guzman has always seemed kind of underrated, with a rabid ATV approach reminiscent of the gnarliest of 90s skateboarding - Cardiel, Speyer, Senn etc. Go fast and listen to 'Amoeba'...

I imagine this one is still pretty fresh in most people's minds; another legend skating to 'Kids of the Black Hole'. I don't really need to say much about A.V.E. and he closes this post nicely. If you don't know, what rock have you been living under?