£10 Toy Shop skateboards and why you shouldn't buy one

If you've ever been tempted by the oh-so-cheap complete skateboards adorned with cutesy graphics that line the shelves of your local supermarket or Toy Shop here's a quick insight into why you should totally avoid them.

Yes, they're cheap but there's a reason for that - they're generally constructed out of substandard materials, the trucks are plastic and don't turn properly, (if at all), the wheels and bearings are total crap and, put frankly, they're dangerous in the hands of a beginner.

In order to prove this, we ventured down to our local skatepark, namely Subvert indoor skatepark in Castleford to put one such £10 set up to the test and whilst making this video was fun - it only served to prove once again what a complete waste of money these things are. So, without further ado - here's our mate Olly Roberts breaking down £10 Toy Shop skateboards and why you shouldn't buy one.

And before you say anything, yes Olly was able to do a few tricks on this 'street tiger' for the sake of comedy, but by the end of this 30 minute session the trucks had snapped across the baseplate, the wheels were red hot and flat spotted and the whole thing was virtually unskateable.

Do yourselves a favour and buy a pro quality complete from your local skateboard shop, it will cost more but we can guarantee that it'll last longer that 30 minutes.